Throughout the years my artwork has become my best therapy, behind lots of thoughts and without realizing I have created different series of paintings  with which I try to face my fears, my disappointments and my passions, in other words, face myself and try to be a better person, more confident and stronger.

Therefore be able to look at a mirror and accept, love and respect the person reflected in it.


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feminine movement & passion 08(80x100).jpg

Anonymous Portrait

It is all about identity

What makes us recognize what we see? Is it the details, an emotionally sensation or our intuition?

feminine movement & passion 08(80x100).jpg

Watercolors & Stuff

Managing skills and abilities

The more I know how to handle my skills, the more I want to lose control of my doing. That is the best way to learn new abilities.

A different angle of people you know.

Recognizing famous people or characters and reading quotes they said, show you a different perspective about them.


Acrylic Glass

Something completely different.

Experimenting different materials and techniques, gives you a new and refreshing look to what you already know.