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His world is a hot air balloon, wandering between the dimensions of time and space. The series of works he has compiled in recent years, tells a story in short pictures, scenes and anecdotes, which do not reconcile with one realistic reality. His works are like thoughts running through his head and going free - they sail into the realms of childhood, imagination and  memories. Stretching the boundaries of the room, home, world, and rearrange in the fabric spaces.


In his latest series, he found the courage to dive into the depths of memory and meet again the child he was - the alter-ego that stars in his paintings - a sensitive, introverted and mischievous child, who covers up everything he lacked with indifference and self-humor .


It is no coincidence that he sees himself  as part of the pedigree of his childhood heroes - international comic book artists like Kino, Mordillo and Rave - whose influence can be seen in his drawing language, the painting disguises itself as a comic, but it is transformed into oil paintings as a reminder from the "inner child" who whispers to him sad thoughts


In addition to the paintings he creates a series of sculptures with wired quality, such as drawing in the air, realization of recurring elements and motifs - house, flower, bench, toy car or street lamp - all as if they came out of an animated film and came to life.


The series that was born in a gloomy period is rather optimistic. It comes from a reconciled and loving place, from the point of view of an adult, containing without difficulty all who he has been along the way. At the entrance to his world, a magic door opens, towards a bitter sweet world of memories from days when the future was still unfolded as a promise that anything is still possible.

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