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Ever since MickyGoldstein can remember he has been painting. Already in his kindergarten days in Santiago, Chile, he often painted cars, and even though he was about 5 years old, he knew how to paint them with 4 wheels, 2 of which were half-hidden, as if he knew and understood what perspective was.


Throughout the years, painting interested him far more than anything else that was common among children his age, and more than once he preferred to stay at home and paint than to go and play with friends. In 1973 Goldstein and his family made Alia.


After military service, he was accepted to study at WIZO Haifa College, majoring in design or as it is called today, visual communication, studied for 4 years and specialized in illustration and animation. At the same time, he worked for two years as Avraham Eilat's personal assistant in printing prints using the Aqua Tinta technique.


After graduating, he worked as a designer and provided art and creative services to a wide variety of advertising agencies in Tel Aviv.


Some of his works have received national and international awards.


He illustrated children's books, textbooks, poetry books, illustrations for the Israeli press systems, and political cartoons, in the early 1990s for Yedioth Achronoth and between 2006-2009 in the Jerusalem Post


At the same time, in 1998, he started painting with painters on the autism spectrum. Working with them has contributed a lot to him. It has influenced him and his work as a painter. Over the years he understood that this is a system of 'give and take, he presented to them all his knowledge and all his experiences and he takes from each one of them the ability to create without self-judgment.

About 15 years ago, after a personal crisis, he chose to dedicate himself exclusively to painting. The change from a planned, rational and precise work to a work full of emotion was not simple, it is a process that today he can say will never stop as long as he creates.

  • 2022 - In the Locked Garden, group exhibition at Lemon Frame Gallery Tel Aviv Israel.

  • 2022 - Interface, group exhibition at Lemon Frame Gallery Tel Aviv Israel.

  • 2022 - I'm not afraid of the dark, SOLO exhibition at Lemon Frame Gallery Tel Aviv Israel.

  • 2022 Comedy de la Vita, GROUP exhibition at Lemon Frame Gallery Tel Aviv Israel

  • 2018 Perfect Imperfection, SOLO Exhibition at Lemon Frame Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel

  • 2018 Scoop Art Fair, Miami USA

  • 2017 Red Dot Art Fair, Miami USA

  • 2017 Scholarship Art Fair, Spain

  • 2017 Imagine,  SOLO exhibition at the Carmiel Municipal Gallery, Israel

  • 2016 Imagine,  SOLO exhibition at Irit Hadani Gallery, Tel Aviv Israel

  • 2015 Calling of the Angels, Group exhibition at the Center of Ohio, Santiago Chile

  • 2013 From the Andes to Jerusalem,GROUP exhibition at the Petah Tikva Israel Municipal Gallery

  • 2012, GROUPExhibition at Steinhausen Gallery, Miami USA

  • 2012 Columbia Art Fair, Miami USA

  • 2011 Pregnancy, Group Exhibition at Ginger Giraffe Gallery, Mumbai India

  • 2006 The Woman, Group Exhibition at the Art te Miss Gallery Paris France

  • August 2001 I have another country, a solo exhibition at the Petah Tikva Israel Urban Gallery

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